Better Before
Better Before
...or was it?
Welcome to the webpage supporting the Better Before Community and fortnightly Podcast.

Ted Salmon and Aidan Bell meet up every couple of weeks to natter about whether or not stuff was indeed, Better Before, if it's Better Now - or maybe the Best is Yet to Come!

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Better Before Podcasts

Ted Salmon
Aidan Bell

The Podcasts
We've now started broadcasting, enjoy and give us feedback if you have feedback - or if you want to join us on a show! Please note the episode titles are hyperlinked to the show downloads, just click and play or grab 'til your heart's content!

Better Before Show 0: Introduction
Better Before Show 1: Watches and Comics
Better Before Show 2: Car Design Scrap
Better Before Show 3: Correspondence and Confectionery
Better Before Show 4: Dentistry in the Air
Better Before Show 5: Street Furniture

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